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Balancing the Hemispheres, An Intro to Jungian Archetypes & Symbology

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Image Source & Credits: HubbleNASA,ESA, and J. Kastner (RIT) NGC 6302: The "Butterfly Nebula"

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Butterfly: A composite illustration of both hemispheres 🦋

Think of your brain as if it were a beautiful butterfly, and the spread open wings are like the two hemispheres. In the various stages of transformation during metamorphosis, a butterfly emerges after months of physically changing from a caterpillar. In many ways, the chrysalis cocoon can represent the being state, or feminine right hemisphere. The butterfly transformation process requires the masculine doing left hemisphere in order to complete its gestation cycle and finally emerge as a new creation.

Butterflies often represent transformation of the soul. That process figuratively takes you from that long inner chrysalis stage, where waiting and complete changes must take place, before you can emerge and move forward into action. Although the cocoon stage may progress so slowly that it can seem as if little to no change is taking place, that is not so.

All transformation requires time, patience and a lot of energy, just as it is with the butterfly. When you begin your own transformation process by using these exercises and applying these principles to your life, it can be slow, and sometimes seem as if you aren’t accomplishing anything at all. Don’t let that discourage you. Keep going! If you do not give up, eventually you too will emerge like the beautiful butterfly and be able to set forth into the purpose for which you were created.

I drank that wine of which the soul is its vessel.
Its ecstasy has stolen my intellect away.
A light came and kindled a flame
in the depth of my soul.
A light so radiant that
the sun orbits around it
like a butterfly.
– Rumi

The Brain's Hemispheres

BODY | The brain (cerebrum) is formed by two cerebral hemispheres separated by a fissure groove. The brain is divided into left and right cerebral hemispheres. Each of these hemispheres has an outer layer of grey matter and a neural tissue cortex, that is supported by an inner layer of white matter. Within the fissure/groove linking the hemispheres lies the corpus callosum, a miraculous four inch long bundle of 200–300 million axonal projections (nerve fibers) that transfer information throughout the body.


Jungian Archetypes

MIND | Jungian archetypes are defined as universal, archaic symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious, as proposed by Dr. Carl Jung. They are the psychic counterpart of instinct. They are an innate unspecific knowledge, derived from the sum total of human history, which prefigures and directs conscious behavior. Archetypes seek actualization within the context of an individual's environment and determine the degree of individuation. Archetypes are built into our personal unconsciousness complexes as functional units on a personal level.


Hemisphere Balancing

SPIRIT | Our world is our reflective mirror of either balanced or imbalanced archetypal energies. These imbalances are often created by attempts to cope inappropriately; by making poor choices in relationships and life experiences. To understand why, it helps to look at the miraculous balance of body/mind/spirit via your inner masculine and/or inner feminine archetypes. Gaining insight and knowledge is the key to mastering these two very different facets of your persona.


Differences in the Brain’s Hemispheres

Below is an infographic and extensive listing of the differences between the many unique, yet subtle, differences between the brain’s hemispheres.


leftrightbrain hemispheres deidremadsen


Hemisphere Archetypal Attributes & Symbols

Left IQ ACADEMIC Hemisphere of Brain Right EQ CREATIVE
Masculine Archetype Feminine
Right Side of Physical Body Physical Affects Left Side of Physical Body
Pattern, Language, Form, Function, Building, logical, Linear, Order (Non-chaos) Structure Unstructured – Fluid, Abstract, Illogical, Random, Chaos

Doing/Action - Creates Physical Vortexes with Actions

Job/Task Being/Non-Doing/Non-Action - Creates Emotional Vortexes with Feelings
Electric – New Latin electricus produced from
  amber by friction, electric, beaming sun
 Type of Power Magnetic - Possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; magnetic personality, sexy, alluring
Courage, Clarity, Provider Moral Attributes Softness, Creative, Expressing, Inspiring
Brawn Type of Strength Holding
Outer; Protection, Barrier from the World Type of Safety Inner Nurturing; Safety
Physical/Mental Plane of Existence Emotional; Mental
Our Outer World Influences Our Inner World
Past and Future / Dreams Time / Space The Present Moment; Now / Vision
Neg-Entropy (Syntropy) (Upward   Spiraling); Positive (+) Vortex Entropy (Downward Spiraling) / Negative (—)
Downward Causation (Sum of the Whole) Philosophy Upward Causation (Sum of the Parts)
Dominant - Yang Chinese Symbol Dominant - Yin
Sun/Solar/Rising Sign/Saggitarius Planet Moon/Lunar/Moon Sign/Gemini
Gold/Gate/Saggitarius Metal/Gate Silver/Gate/Gemini
Blue Color Red
Eagle Animal Mouse
9 Number 6 (subset of 9)
Organizes Chaos/Creativity - Need/Survive Core Drive/Desire Creates Chaos/Creativity - Want/Thrive
Guilt - What You Do Saboteur's Tool Shame - Who You Are
Palm's down giving first, palm's up receiving second Key to Working Palm’s up receiving first, palm’s down giving second
"I am what I am." Identifies with "I am". I become separate. I become a single, solid individual, separate from the energy flow around me. It is my ego (I.D.) that identifies my individuality. Key Phrase “I am that I am.” Identifies with a whole, perfect energy being. I feel the conscious connection to everything (the THAT) around and within me. It is all within me.
Up-Flow - Vortex of energy operates in a safe-zone of structured movement and action offering the individual safety in structure. Direction Down-Flow - The right hemisphere operates in a safe-zone of fluid movement and non-action, offering the individual safety in calm peacefulness and creative inspiration.


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